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Frank K.

To whom it may concern!

I frank Kunig have been living with a hearing problem all my life. I have seen many specialist through my life and have always been told that from implant operations etc. There was no guarantee it would work. One day a friend dropped in to tell me about a Hearing Center in Keswick that might be able to help me. I made an appointment and went to see Alon Sharer H.I.S at the center. I took a chance and let him fit me with hearing aids (Beltone) a new method of hearing. I had to say it was a total miracle. I can now hear things I never could before. My thanks to Alon Sharer who's expertise has given me new life.

Pefferlaw  2013
Ina W.

My hearing was deteriorating until I visited you. I have found you to be professional, honest, courteous, and caring. What an amazing difference these almost invisible hearing aids have made. I am truly satisfied, and have no hesitation recommending you to others.

Keswick  2013
Freda R.

I have been a client of Alon Sharer at the Keswick Hearing Center for over five years. I have always appreciated being treated with respect and courtesy. I never feel rushed or that any question is too trivial. His professional yet friendly disposition contributions to an enjoyable office experience. We are fortunate to have Mr. Sharer here in Keswick.

Keswick  2013
Charlene R.

After having a hearing test done elsewhere and not feeling comfortable with a 10 minute test and one price, I decided to go to Keswick Hearing Center. An hour hearing evaluation with Alon I felt more comfortable with the results. He allowed for plenty of time to ensure that I was informed, educated and explain all models and price ranges that were available.

He definitely supports clients through the process of determining hearing loss and adjusting to life with assistant listening devices. The service has been super and all my questions and concerns have been dealt with at each visit.

I have just returned to purchase my second set of hearing aids after eight years with the first pair, and did not hesitate to return to Alon, as I feel he goes the extra mile to make sure I have the best hearing aids and is very concerned in making sure it works properly.

Keswick  2013
Evelyn W. H.

My sincere thanks to Alon Sharer for making my hearing so much better. I don't realize the aids are in my ears at all, and sounds are so much sharper and clearer and with no squeaking, stuffed up or barrel feeling. Life is much more enjoyable!

I am a very happy and excited lady and will recommend Alon Sharer to anyone.

Keswick  2013
Heino M.

I have been coming to see Alon Sharer for over two years. He was the one and only that managed to get me my DVA pension. Alon has treated me with respect and kindness and I recommend him to everyone that asks.

Newmarket  2012
Joe L.

Dear Alon:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your excellent professional care. Your knowledge and sensitivity of my hearing loss is certainly appreciated. My hearing aids are so small that I don't even know they are there. Being out in public or in a crowd is much more enjoyable now that I can hear clearly.

Sutton  2011
Thomas P.‏

To whom it may concern,

Recently I was looking for hearing specialist as my hearing aids were not working up to standard. As I was driving into town I noticed the sign for hearing specialist Mr. Sharer.  Anyway, I went in to the office and made an appointment. When I met Mr. Sharer, what a change from my previous hearing aid specialist. No 10 minute check and on your way. This time I received an excellent checkup and an explanation on what and why he was doing. I now have excellent hearing aids with a solid guarantee and follow-up checkup I recommend Mr. Sharer to anyone with a hearing problem

Keswick  2008
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