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155 Riverglen Drive, Keswick, ON L4P, Canada

Rating of Average of 4.91 out of 5 on a total of 53 Ratings
Garry A.

When I moved to Keswick my father suggested going to see Alon. My father also dealt with Alon and he was very happy. I met with  Alon and I have been going there since, I am very happy with the service. He would go out of his way not just to help you but he would need to see the smile on your face when you can hear all the sweet sounds that we enjoy, anyone that has a hearing problem will know what i mean. I will continue dealing with Alon as long as he is there.

Thanks for the great service Alon.

Keswick  2014
Robert H.

Best I have ever found

This is the place to go. Alon Sharer of Keswick Hearing Centre stands behind his product.
He always finds a way to fit me in when I need to see him.

Keswick  2014
Frederick D.

When I first met Alon at the Keswick Hearing Center he knew nothing of my military history. After a couple of visits and pleasant conversation we got to know each other a bit. It was through these initial visits with hearing testing Alon found out of my military past and what my job had been. He immediately suggested asking for help from the DVA. He did most of the contact work. Thanks to him, I was able to get assistance from DVA. Alon has been extremely helpful. From time to time with one phone call he is there to help immediately. He is very knowledgeable at his trade. I consider him one of my friends.

Jackson Point  2014
Bertram C.

Yes Alon is very friendly and helpful,he never pressures you or tries to get you to over spend . He also cleans and repairs your Hearing Aids at no charge. If you have to get hearing aids he is your man. thanks for the service.

Newmarket  2014
Denis P.

Follow up service

I was surprised that there was no charge for the follow-up service and
reprogramming of my hearing aids. Alon Sharer is more than an experienced
professional, he makes you feel right at home and treats you as part of
a family. I highly recommend to anyone to come to Alon Sharer at the Keswick
Hearing Centre for all their hearing needs and supplies.

Keswick  2014
Nina M.

Excellent above everyone else

Excellent work , hearing aids are as well. Treats his clients with courtesy, kindness and respect. I have been to other clinics and I find that Alon Sharer at the Keswick Hearing Centre is the best I have ever seen.

Keswick  2014
Marion K.

The hearing aids I got have opened up my life. I can now hear what other people are saying to me. I am amazed at the sounds of nature that I have not heard for many years. Alon Sharer listens to me, and works with me to solve any problems that may come up.

Sutton West  2014
Michael L. W.

This is the place to go. Friendly, convenient service that is always with a smile. Honors his commitments to his client.

Before Mr. Sharer, I was a client at the big hearing aid company in Newmarket. They did not program my hearing aids correctly and admitted it after a few years, and they tried to sell me a new set anyways. I was so upset, that I went to Mr. Sharer at the Keswick Hearing Center, and he got it right the first time.

Keswick  2014
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