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330 The Queensway South, Keswick, ON L4P 2B9, Canada

Rating of Average of 4.91 out of 5 on a total of 57 Ratings
Dr. Nancy M.
Alon just a note to thank you for providing Graydon with exceptional service and respect during his assessment yesterday. He left your office with confidence and hope which he has not had for some time. Keep up the great work.
Sutton  2017
Sheila C.
4.8 / 200

I had trouble with my hearing. I then went to see Alon Sharer who treated me in a very good manner. He explained to me in a very clear precise manner about what was wrong and corrected it to my satisfaction.  I would recommend him to all.

Keswick  2016
Joan V.

My husband and I realized it was time we did something about our hearing loss. We went to Keswick Hearing Center and after the owner had taken much time explaining our situation and testing us, we knew we were in the right place. When we received our hearing aids the first thing we did was turn down the volume on our TV. The owner let us know he is there for us anytime we feel we need to help, and has proved to be honest and he is affordable.

Keswick  2016
Bill C.

When I first met Alon it was because I had a broken hearing aid. He saw me right away and was very concerned about my hearing and he scheduled a hearing test the next day,which was very thorough, and explained what he was doing every step of the way. Hearing aids were ordered and custom fitted within a few days. Then to make sure that I was satisfied with my new hearing aids I was shown how to put them on, how to clean them and info about batteries. I did have a learning curve putting my hearing aids in but whenever I unexpectedly dropped in for help, Alon took lots of time to demonstrate again and again for excellent service, no nonsense good information and above all caring about you. Keswick Hearing Centre is where you should go. Thanks.

Keswick  2016
Jacobus V. V.

Do you need your hearing tested- Go for the best. I recommend Keswick Hearing Centre. No concern is too small for Alon to take care of. Service is free for a lifetime.

Keswick  2016
Linda B.

Hi Alon, I am very excited about the world of sounds you have opened... up to me - it feels wonderful to hear every single chirp of the birds, rustle of paper, tapping of keyboard. Wouldn't exchange for anything else and know in time these other sounds will be less prominent but for now celebrating how sharp, and clear they are!. Have talked on my cell via blue tooth, on phone activating the phone program, and listened to my iPod too. Can't thank you enough for everything and happy to be a member of your family!

Keswick  2015
The Easby family

Principled, conscientious, warm and caring, highly skilled, willing to give his time and considerable expertise, even at his own cost.

These are the words and phrases that describe Alon Sharer.  I asked him to help me provide hearing for a person I know, who could not afford the luxury of purchasing hearing aids.   I provided my older hearing aids and Alon did the rest and provided me with some new parts and did the set up specifically for this person, all free of charge..

He was very late, leaving to go home but still he stayed, until he completed the work required to get these hearing aids ready.  My family and I see Alon as a rare person in today's world and would recommend him to anyone who
requires hearing services.

Keswick  2014
Ena B.

I Would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind and caring patience with me while getting my hearing aides. This new world of sound is wonderful .
Hearing the clock tick, the birds sing,  the children playing and laughing.
I knew I wasn't hearing things, but had no idea how much I wasn't hearing.
I will tell all my friends that are not hearing these wonderful things to come see Alon Sharer at Keswick Hearing Centre .

To anyone in Keswick not hearing well, go see Alon.
Thanks again

Keswick  2015
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