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Stephen J.

I was first introduced to Alon Sharer several years ago as he performed a hearing test for my father-in-law, at his home. My father-in-law is a WW II Veteran, and Keswick Hearing was selected from Canadian Veterans Affairs to conduct the hearing test.

I was impressed that Alon, was happy to assist, on behalf of Veterans Affairs.

Subsequently, I had a hearing test, at his office, and was diagnosed, with hearing loss in both ears. Alon, suggested the Siemens “SIGNIA”, hearing aids. I was a little reluctant, since I was leaning toward the molded type hearing aids.

Well, Alon was right ! The Siemens hearing aids are wonderful !  I hear brilliantly !

I highly recommend this product and Alon’s expertise !

Stephen Jordan

Torotno  July 06 2018
Linda L.

I just received my hearing aids a week ago and one of them stopped working. I call Alon and he said could I come in and see him in an hour. We went right away and he checked out the hearing aid and found I had a dead speaker. He replaced the speaker for me right there and we were on our way. Before I even purchased them I called him a few time for information and he always took time to explain everything. From start to finish I have been very impressed with his service and also his prices.

Keswick  April 2018
Norman James F.

Dear alon,
just a short note to thank you for your prompt courteous and professional service you provided to me to correct my hearing loss. I appreciated the fact that you were able
to fit me in for the hearing test itself so quickly. I found the hearing test very thorough and was very pleased with the way you explain each and every step that it was
taking place during the complete test. Your explanation of the test results and the paperwork explaining same where real thorough which I took to my family doctor.
The fitting of the hearing aids and explaining their function and operation was a lengthy process but your step-by-step process enabled me to feel real comfortable
during the process and left me with no questions at the end.
In closing I wish to thank you for the follow up appointments you have made. This shows me your true professionalism in making sure I am completely satisfied
with the hearing aids and their operation.

Jackson Point  April 11, 2018
Mary Margaret T.

Alon goes above and beyond... Excellent service and kind attention. If you want a quick "in and out" or a one size fits all approach, this is not the place for you! Attention to detail is his "norm". His long-time experience is evident in his personal approach. I highly recommend working with Alon. Thank you so much!

Keswick  April 10 2018
Harold S.

Hello Alon,

I wanted to thank you for the whole experience in making sure that the hearing aids that I needed were the absolute right ones for me. I had driven along the Queensway many times over the years and knew that you had been around for a lot of years.  So when I was relatively sure I needed hearing aids I figured that being at that location for all those years you must be doing something right and therefore did not hesitate to make an appointment with you. You did not disappoint me as I am absolutely delighted with my hearing aids and will not hesitate to recommend you.

Yours Sincerely
Harold S.

Jackson Point  Dec. 2017
Pamela I.

I was having trouble hearing and went to my doctor. My doctor referred me to Alon Sharer at the Keswick Hearing Centre. Alon’s hearing test was extremely thorough, and informative. Alon took his time to explain the benefits of many different hearing aids and technologies. I purchased my hearing aids and now must admit, that I was missing so much that theses hearing aids have changed my life. I recommend Alon Sharer at the Keswick Hearing Centre to everyone. Your world would become a brighter place.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Keswick  Oct 2017
Jennifer W.

Your skill and dedication helped ease the fitting of my hearing aids which are so comfortable to wear. Many thanks also for the considerate after care you provide at the Keswick Hearing Centre.

P.S Good luck with your office renovation.

Keswick  September 25, 2017
Joyce D.
 Greetings Alon.  I just wanted to write and tell you how much mum is enjoying her new hearing aids.  She is a different person because of you!  Her hearing is wonderful and she can communicate with family sooo much better now.  I really appreciated your patience and giving her a new life.  We looked forward to each and every visit with you because you took the time to explain all the features and made yourself available whenever we needed your help.  THANKS AGAIN!!
Keswick  2017
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