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Lorna M.

Dear Alon,

I can’t tell you how happy my family is with the service that you provided to my mother. You are amazing! It is hard to believe what a difference my mom’s new hearing aids have made to everyone. Mom can hear everything now! You have gone above and beyond to give excellent service and we are very grateful that you are such a caring person.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yours truly
The Mitchells.

Keswick  18 sept 2019
Shirley V.

To whom it may concern,
Recently I paid a visit to Mr. Sharer. He checked my hearing only to find I had a problem in both ears.
I ordered hearing aids and within the week I was enjoying the beauty of sound both inside and outside the home.
I recommend to all, go and have a check up.

It’s amazing how alive everything is.

Sutton West  28 June 2019
John H.
I went to see Alon a few yrs ago he was offering free hearing test so l thought why not, after the test he told me how bad my hearing was, l thought that people were not talking to me l find out that l couldn’t hear them so shortly there after l got hearing aids and am glad l did, Alon will come to you if you can’t get to his office he comes highly recommended and you will be treated like family.


Keswick  13 Dec. 2018
Marilyn M.

Many years ago I Purchased a hearing aid that I stopped wearing very quickly. My hearing got to the point that my doctor told me I needed to get it taken care of and recommended Keswick Hearing Centre.  Service is excellent and hearing aids do exactly as expected and I have no problem with wearing them.

Highly recommend Alon at the Keswick Hearing Centre.

Marilyn M.

Keswick  Dec 11, 2018
Merle M.

Hello Alon,

I am so pleased with my hearing aids and the TV sound. I have had no problems turning off and on the aids.

Thanks so much for solving this problem for me.

Merle M.

Sutton  Nov. 26, 2018
Ruth M.

My husband and I were having serious challenges communicating.  He was deaf in one ear, and I could no longer hear the birds sing.  So I asked my Family Doctor to check my hearing . . .
When we first met Alon Sharer, Owner of Keswick Hearing Centre, he advised us in his office we were to be friends, even family, through this process - and he has treated us accordingly.
Because of years of neglect, my husband's hearing could no longer be helped.  However, although I had lost the ability to hear the higher notes, I could maintain my natural level of hearing and enhance it with hearing aids.
As promised, Alon arranged for great discounts and free gifts from the Manufacturer, as well as a Governmental Benefit. Most important, I can hear so much better now, and our marital communications have greatly improved.
I am so grateful to Alon, for his professional, personable and supportive service.

Stouffville  Sept 2018
Stephen J.

I was first introduced to Alon Sharer several years ago as he performed a hearing test for my father-in-law, at his home. My father-in-law is a WW II Veteran, and Keswick Hearing was selected from Canadian Veterans Affairs to conduct the hearing test.

I was impressed that Alon, was happy to assist, on behalf of Veterans Affairs.

Subsequently, I had a hearing test, at his office, and was diagnosed, with hearing loss in both ears. Alon, suggested the Siemens “SIGNIA”, hearing aids. I was a little reluctant, since I was leaning toward the molded type hearing aids.

Well, Alon was right ! The Siemens hearing aids are wonderful !  I hear brilliantly !

I highly recommend this product and Alon’s expertise !

Stephen Jordan

Torotno  July 06 2018
Linda L.

I just received my hearing aids a week ago and one of them stopped working. I call Alon and he said could I come in and see him in an hour. We went right away and he checked out the hearing aid and found I had a dead speaker. He replaced the speaker for me right there and we were on our way. Before I even purchased them I called him a few time for information and he always took time to explain everything. From start to finish I have been very impressed with his service and also his prices.

Keswick  April 2018
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