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Ruth M.


My husband and I were having serious challenges communicating.  He was deaf in one ear, and I could no longer hear the birds sing.  So I asked my Family Doctor to check my hearing . . .
When we first met Alon Sharer, Owner of Keswick Hearing Centre, he advised us in his office we were to be friends, even family, through this process – and he has treated us accordingly.
Because of years of neglect, my husband’s hearing could no longer be helped.  However, although I had lost the ability to hear the higher notes, I could maintain my natural level of hearing and enhance it with hearing aids.
As promised, Alon arranged for great discounts and free gifts from the Manufacturer, as well as a Governmental Benefit. Most important, I can hear so much better now, and our marital communications have greatly improved.
I am so grateful to Alon, for his professional, personable and supportive service.