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Ruth G.


I have suffered from hearing loss most my life, since one of my ears has been defective since childhood. I therefore learned to live with this disability and try to compensate by lip-reading, sitting myself in front of theaters and meetings, and struggling to hear people who speak softly. Several ear nose and throat specialist over the years and told me repeatedly that my ear was defective and that nothing could be done to help me. A friend recommended that I contact Mr. Alon Sharer. He suggested I get a hearing test to see if I could use hearing aids. In addition to the usual test, I was given a demonstration of how I might be helped to hear, one ear at a time. By end of the test I was hearing speech and other sounds at normal levels for the first time in my life. I really was overwhelmed and decided to take the risk of ordering two hearing aids. When I discovered how effective they are in helping me hear more comfortably and clearly I felt angry at how much I have suffered over the years needlessly. These aids have changed my life, transformed the way I interact with my friends, enjoy theater and concerts and suffer less stress in social situations.

At 75, my new life as a hearing person is just beginning.