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Karoline K.


After having purchased hearing aids for my wife in your store recently,I just wanted to tell you a story I heard at an Alzheimer meeting. The gentleman went with his wife to purchase hearing aids at “ListenUP! Canada”. His wife was fitted with two hearing aids. According to the gentleman’s story, one of the aids stopped working after a few days. Back to the store they went to have the aid repaired or replaced. The device was never replaced and the repair took a long long time. His wife says she is still not happy with the product or the price they paid for it.
What a difference to the hearing aids you sold to my wife. Since you fitted her with the new devices she is more alert and participates again in conversations.
I want to thank you very much for the way you treated us in the store with courtesy and patience. Showing me over and over how to fit the devices in my wife’s ears and supplying me with free batteries for our travel.
I will recommend your store to anybody in need of hearing aids.