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Georgia T.


When I was 25 years old I realized and hearing test confirmed that I have hearing loss in my right ear. For out of vanity I didn’t want to wear those bulky “old people” kind of hearing aid so for 40 years I went through from one embarrassing situation to another. People who were standing on my right side and talked to me thought that I ignore them because I didn’t hear them and I didn’t answer them. I spoke loud to everyone, in person and on the phone.

I don’t know why or what made me decide to get a hearing test now. I went to the Keswick Hearing Centre and Alon did the most thorough hearing test ever possible. After 40 years I have severe hearing loss in my right ear but I also have hearing loss in my left ear too.

The hearing aid he recommended and fitted me with (SIGNA) change my life. I can hear things and I wasn’t able to enjoy for 40 years!!… Soft music, the faint chirping of birds at dawn, clarity when people speaking in normal conversation Tones…

He is the most wonderful, caring, knowledgeable professional. He told me that when he it’s people with a hearing aid they are not a patient or a client… They become family. And he looks after us as such…

Thank you Alon from the bottom of my heart.